Survey data is a key element to all Archaeological investigations and studies. We can provide our full range of services where applicable.
We have extensive experience of working with and for architects on all kinds of projects. These range from new build designs to existing building refurbishment and adaptations.
City, County and Borough Councils
We complete surveys for all levels of council departments. These include surveys of urban and rural infrastructure, parks, buildings and structures.
Consulting Engineers
Survey and Measurement data is a key element for all Civil and Structural Engineering projects.
Mapping and 3D terrain models and Geo referenced data are essential tool for Geologists.
Geotechnical Engineers
Geotechnical Engineers regularly require general surveys and Civil Engineering Surveying to assist their projects.
Heritage and Conservation
All Heritage and Conservation projects benefit from accurate measured records to assist with documentation and preservation.
Interior Design
Interior Design schemes always benefit from accurate measured surveys to ensure that all designed features and people interactions work.
Mineral, Oil and Gas Extraction and Exploration
Mineral, Oil and Gas Extraction and Exploration relies on survey and large scale mapping data.
Public Sector
Public Sector entities regularly use measured surveys as part of their facilities management, asset management and redesign.
Retail and Commercial Properties
Retail and Commercial Property agents and managers rely on accurate measured building surveys for spatial, costing and rental analysis.
Rail and Road Infrastructure
Rail and Road Infrastructure projects require accurate measured surveys as a fundamental starting point and ongoing measurement and engineering throughout each project.