Survey data is a key element to all Archaeological investigations and studies.  We can provide our full range of services where applicable.

3D Laser Scanning has been used for various historical building studies, restoration projects, monuments, neolithic burial chamber and caves containing rock art.

We already collaborate with CFA Archaeology, the Welsh Rock Art Organisation, The Friends of Cromford Canal and the Heage Windmill Society.  

We also have experience working with English Heritage and the Royal Commision for the Ancient and Historic Monuments of Wales.

We are enthusiastic and eager to assist with other archaeologists, charities and societies.

The following is a list of relevent services provided:

  • Topographical Surveys of existing and potential sites
  • GNSS and GPS Surveys over large areas
  • 3D Laser Scanning of historic buildings, structures and sites
  • 3D Laser Scanning for Heritage and Archaeological Documentation
  • Measured Building Surveys of historic buildings including Floor Plans and Ceiling Plans & Sections and Elevations
  • Large Scale Mapping, Terrain Modelling and UAV Surveys for large sites and widespread archaeology