Mineral, Oil and Gas Extraction and Exploration

Mineral, Oil and Gas Extraction and Exploration relies on survey and large scale mapping data.  This can be to:

- quantify exploration data;

- accurately produce models and plan design for licences and planning permission;

- or as continuing measurement of ongoing schemes.

The following is a list of relevent services provided:

  • Topographical Surveys of existing and potential sites
  • GNSS and GPS Surveys over large areas
  • 3D Laser Scan Surveys of Mines, Quarries and Waste Management sites
  • 3D Laser Scan Rock Fall and Slope Monitoring
  • Volumetrics and Sections
  • Engineering Surveys
  • Plan and Model Preparation
  • Borehole, Piezometer and Boundary Location
  • Large Scale Mapping, Terrain Modelling and UAV Surveys