3D laser scanning is well established as an excellent tool to assist in the digital documentation and protection of heritage. This ranges from listed buildings and structures to neolithic burial chambers and artifacts.

3D laser scanning is the ultimate method of spacially capturing a building, object or structure in fine detail. The reality of 3D laser scanning in heritage is that it accurately captures a subject as it is at the time of survey. This rich 3D data is then the ultimate archive, particulary if a a subject is subsequently damaged or destroyed.

We have undertaken heritage projects that include castles, neolithic rock art, caves, listed buildings, and monuments. Various end products can be derived the 3d point cloud data captured by laser scanning. These can be traditional plans such as floor plans, elevations, stone by stone elevations and sections. Alternatively, the following products can be produced; Video Fly-though, 3D models, point cloud images and TruView Visualisations.