3D laser scanning is the definitive method for surveyors to capture buildings and surrounding detail to create Rights of Light & Daylight and Sunlight Models. 

A carefully planned 3d laser scan of an area for rights of light and daylighting and sunlighting models will capture all of the information required to produce detailed analysis for a proposed buidling or structure.  3D CAD models are created from the detailed 3D laser scan data (point cloud). These are created to include all relevant external features and window positions on important buildings and mass models of the less important surrounding buildings.
In most cases, the laser scan data captures important internal room positions and detail within buildings through windows and opennings. This reduces speculations and improves the accuracy of the analysis.

3D laser scanning for rights of light and daylighting and sunlighting analysis is non intrusive and subtle and therefore avoids any unecessary conflict during the design or planning phase of a project.