Land Surveying is the accurate measurement, mapping or recording of any land, land features and footprints of buildings and structures.

Land Survey and the subsequent data is critical to many processes including design, planning, implementation and construction.  Any land based project will benefit from one or all of the services we provide.

Our land surveys are completed using the following guidelines and standards where appropriate to maintain the highest quality;

  • RICS - Surveys of Land, Buildings and Utility Services at Scales of 1:500 and Larger
  • RICS - Code of Measuring Practice, RICS – Guidelines for the use of GNSS in Surveying and Mapping
  • RICS – Daylighting and sunlighting
  • English Heritage - Metric Survey Specifications For Cultural Heritage
  • TSA - Network RTK GNSS Best Practice 2012.  

We also keep up to date with any other survey guidance notes provided by the RICS and the TSA.

As-Built Surveys
As a check for design conformity, roads, buildings and structures can be surveyed. This provides a check and sign off record. As-Built surveys can be undertaken as a Topographical Survey, Measured Building Survey or 3D Laser Scan.
Boundary Surveys
These can be undertaken as partitioning for lease agreements, new Land Registry plans, Checking and re-establishment of boundaries or boundary disputes.
Engineering Surveys and Control Networks
Engineering Surveys and Control Network Surveys can be provided for construction, remediation, earthworks, pipelines and infrastructure projects.
GNSS and GPS Surveys
Using high specification Leica Geosystems equipment and software any level of GNSS Surveys (formally GPS Surveys) can be undertaken.
Watercourse Sections
These can be provided in addition to a Topographical Survey, or as a stand-alone project. The sections can be provided to any level of detail and will be provided in HEC-RAS and ISIS format.
Topographical Surveys
The starting point for all “land based” projects and designs. Topographical Surveys can range from greenfield to brownfield sites, urban to wilderness and everything in between.
Transport Infrastructure Surveys
Rail and Road infrastructure surveys can be provided as part of a Topographical Survey or surveyed specifically. Road surveys can be provided to full Highways Agency specification. Rail Surveys of all descriptions can be undertaken to Network Rail specifications.