Engineering Surveys, or Civil Engineering Surveying, generally involves precise measurement or placement for commercial and residential construction or precise 3D surveying for earthwork engineering. We can also offer Deformation Monitoring and Control Networks.

We offer a number of construction oriented engineering survey services including:

  • Pile Setting-Out
  • Batter Rails 
  • Profiles
  • Alignments
  • Formwork
  • Boundary Setting-Out
  • Precision Positioning & Monitoring
  • Verticality Checks
  • Precise Monitoring
  • Area Calculation
  • Grid and Level Datum Installation.

We offer a number of earthwork engineering survey services including:

  • Volume Calculations
  • Stockpile Surveys
  • Cut/Fill Analysis & Calculations 
  • Zone Setting-Out 
  • Gradient Setting (Batter Rails)

Our Deformation Monitoring services can be offered for land, roads, rail buildings or structures.

We can adapt methods and accuracies used depending on the requirements of each project, ranging from simple slope monitoring with GNSS (GPS), to precise monitoring of rail and structure with high grade total stations.

Control Networks involve establishing accurate survey control that is surveyed with a total station, levelled with a precise level and then adjusted and optimised with STAR*NET. This provides robust and accurate control for site based projects.

  • We can provide Control Networks for large long term projects, pipelines infrastructure and general construction projects.
  • The survey control will be installed to high accuracy and a control point location schedule provided.
  • We can provide this as part of a survey requirement or as part of survey project management.
  • These can be provided for large long term projects, pipelines and infrastructure projects.