GNSS Surveys were previously called GPS Surveys. GNSS stands for Global Navigation Satellite System. GNSS Surveys use the existing satellite systems of GPS (American system), GLONASS (Russian system) which give optimum satellite coverage for a full 24 hours of survey. 

  • The GNSS survey method is the definitive method for establishing Ordnance Survey National Grid coordinates (OSGB36) for a survey.
  • Our GNSS equipment can achieve better than 1cm 3D accuracy. By using high specification Leica Geosystems equipment and software, we can undertake any level of GNSS . We use Dual Frequency and Real-Time Kinetic survey-accuracy GNSS surveying equipment to undertake surveys for small up to large sites in excess of 1000 Hectares.
  • GNSS surveying equipment can also be used for long distance surveys, such as proposed roads and pipelines.
  • GNSS surveying equipment will soon also include the use of Galileo (European Union system) and Compass (Chinese system) satellite systems.