Floor Plans and Ceiling Plans are essential for all building design, alteration and reconstruction.

These surveys are undertaken with a combination of 3D Laser Scanners, Total Stations, laser distance measures, on site software and even the good old fashioned tape measure and folding ruler!

  • Our floor plan surveys can be provided to any level of detail and for any requirements. These can be from basic lay-out plans to fully detailed attributed drawings and spread sheets.
  • Floor Plans can be provided as Unconnected, Semi Connected or Fully Connected surveys depending on the project.
  • We undertake these surveys with a combination of 3D Laser Scanner, Total Station and handheld laser with floor plan software.
  • Ceiling plans can also be provided at any level of detail.
  • The medium to high detailed ceiling plans are always undertaken with 3D laser scanning to ensure all detail is captured without compromise or estimation.