Our Mine, Quarry and Waste management services cover a wide range of requirements, from on site surveys and measurement, to 3D modelling and computer analysis.

These services can be provided over the whole UK, Europe and beyond.

3D Laser Scan surveys
3D Laser Scan Surveys of mines, quarries and waste management sites can be one of the safest ways of surveying, reducing the need for a surveyor to walk around the site. Data can also be recorded of unsafe and inaccessible areas such as closed quarry benches and faces.
Volumetrics and Sections
Volumes and Sections are required for various purposes at all mines, quarries and waste management sites on a regular basis.
Topographical Survey
Mine, quarry and waste management Topographical Surveys are undertaken with Total Stations, GNSS (GPS), and 3D Laser Scanning.
Engineering Surveys
All mines, quarries and waste management sites require regular engineering surveys to establish boundaries, heights, positions and volumes.