Volumes are required for various purposes at all mines, quarries and waste managment sites on a regular basis. By surveying on site and then creating a 3D ground model, volumes can be calculated for various purposes.

Stock Pile Surveys can be carried out with Total Station, GNSS (GPS) and 3D Laser Scanning. These are generally completed on a monthly to yearly basis. The volumes are produced by 3D ground modelling. A 3D ground model of the base is compared to the 3D ground model of the stock piles surveyed. The data can be provided as volumes, plans and 3D models. Royalty volumes can be calculated from the 3D ground model produced and divided relative to ownership boundaries. Pre and post shift volumes can be created when any material is moved. This can be to prepare a new area for mineral extraction, or to create volumes for contractor tenders when any material requires moving.

Another example of how this type of survey is used is for waste management sites where regular volume calculations are needed to ensure the operation is within planning regulations and identify when to create new cells for waste disposal.

Sections can be provided throughout the area surveyed from the detailed 3D ground model produced. Sections can also be adapted to include overground detail such as plant, boundaries, proposed ground levels, etc.