There are a number of solutions we provide that do not fall within the defined categories of services.  These are covered in this section.

Photo Visualisation VVM
Photo Visulisation VVMs (Verified Visual Montage) was developed over a number of years by Ian Bevan riba, in collaboration with CEA Ltd, in response to a need by the Planning authorities to submit to committee an easily understandable and accurate view of any proposed development, primarily at outline stage.
Large Scale Mapping, Terrain Models and UAV Surveys
Not all mapping and modelling requirements need to be survey grade and accuracy. Large scale DTM (Digital Terrain Model) data with Orthometric Photos drapes can be sufficient for preliminary studies of large areas.
Intelligent Data for BIM
Intelligent Data compatible with BIM processes has been available from competent Land Surveyors and Measurement Surveyors since the early days of Computer Aided Design. All measured data surveyed by Terra Measurement can be tailored and incorporated into existing situation and as built BIM Models.