Intelligent Data compatible with BIM processes has been available from competent Land Surveyors and Measurement Surveyors since the early days of Computer Aided Design.

All measured data surveyed by Terra Measurement can be tailored and incorporated into existing situation and as built BIM Models. This can be in the form of coded and layered Topographical Surveys and Measured Building Surveys. This data forms the minimum for level 1 BIM models. Data can be attributed to add more detailed information as required. Information can be added within the realms of our expertise and if the information requested is visible on site. For example, a common request is for structural properties of buildings. This cannot be recorded unless it has previously exposed. However, all the measured data we provide has intelligence and forms the basis of any existing or as-built BIM model.

Is your BIM model up to date?

One of the major factors in the ongoing life cycle of any BIM Model of buildings, infrastructure or assets is the use and modification over time. Measured surveys are the key to keeping a model up to date. We aim to collaborate with estates managers and facilities managers to provide intelligent data that can be used to keep a BIM model up to date.