Not all mapping and modelling requirements need to be survey grade and accuracy.  Large scale DTM (Digital Terrain Model) data with Orthometric Photos drapes can be sufficient for preliminary studies of large areas.

We can purchase, process and present this data for any size of area using ESRI Grid, Ordnance Survey DTM, Lidar Data, or any other 3d data. Supplementary designs and analysis can be made using this data before procuring more expensive survey grade data.

Further detail and accuracy can be added to specific areas within the large scale DTM area prior to survey grade procurement by using UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle ) surveys. The data derived from UAV surveys has an accuracy of approximately 100mm - 150mm in comparison to Ordnance Survey DTM data which has an accuracy of approximately 2.5m - 5m. With prior planning, UAV surveys can be commissioned and flown over key areas within a larger project over a relatively small timescale.

These terrain models are a cost efficient method of investigating potential routes for pipelines, new road routes, new railway routes, wind farms and land use studies.