Photo Visualisations VVMs (Verified Visual Montage) was developed over a number of years by Ian Bevan RIBA, in collaboration with CEA Ltd, in response to a need by the Planning Authorities to submit to committee an easily understandable and accurate view of any proposed development, primarily at outline stage.

The Photo Visualisation VVM has received unqualified acceptance by many Planning Authorities, particularly The Corporation of London and Westminster as the visual representation that can be accurately assessed by experts and fully understood by lay members of committees involved in the planning process. It has been employed on numerous major schemes in the past 25 years, notably Swiss Rea (“The Gherkin”), Paddington Basin, Newcastle United Football stadium and GLA City Hall.

The VVM photomontages issued present a current colour photograph of the real world with a montage of the proposed development “overlaid” into the picture. This is achieved by the creation of a computer three dimensional model of the scheme which is accurately “keyed in” to the real world photograph and the accuracy of the completed montage is verified by the use of surveyed camera positions and angles of view, together with other controls within the real world which are mathematically tied into the computer model.

The three main proven advantages of the Photo Visualisation VVM system are:

  • guaranteed accuracy from survey data and the controls employed.
  • a professional team, independent of the architect or developer.
  • an easily understandable, current, real world photographic output.