3D Laser Scanning is also known as 3D Scanning, Lidar or Ground Based Lidar.  

3D Laser Scanning is the method and technology that captures environments, structures and objects in 3D in the form of millions of 3D points.  The resulting data is called a Point Cloud.  The data is captured in real-time and is the definitive measured record for many types of projects.

Point clouds can be joined together and registered to a coordinate system (i.e. Ordnance Survey). Point clouds can be imported into software such as: CAD packages, Navisworks, Revit and CivilCAD.

Point Cloud data is used for; BIM(Building Information Modelling), As-built checks, Measured Building Surveys, Topographical Surveys, Asset management, Low cost 3D scene visualistion, 3D modelling (of Pipes, Plant, Buildings, Monuments and objects), crime scene capture, monitoring, Rights of Light and Daylighting and Sunlighting analysis, and much more.

When 3D laser scanning, we use the following guidelines where applicable to ensure the highest quality data is produced;

English Heritage - Metric Survey Specifications For Cultural Heritage.  

Also, where applicable we utilise the RICS - Surveys of Land, Buildings and Utility Services at Scales of 1:500 and Larger for the 3D laser scanning site control.

3D Laser Scanning - Structure Surveys
3D Laser Scanners will capture anything that is within the range of the scanner when operating. 3D laser scanning from multiple positions around a structure can capture almost 100% of its visible surface.
Building and Street-scene capture
3D laser scanning is the definitive method for surveyors to capture buildings with ultimate accuracy and detail
Heritage and Archaeological Documentation
3D laser scanning is well established as an excellent tool to assist in the digital documentation and protection of heritage. This ranges from listed buildings and structures to neolithic burial chambers and artifacts.
Rights of Light & Daylighting and Sunlighting Models
3D laser scanning is the definitive method for surveyors to capture buildings and surrounding detail to create Rights of Light & Daylight and Sunlight Models
Bespoke Measurement, Survey and Monitoring
3D laser scanning is an ever adapting tool that can be used to solve a variety problems or needs. There is a 3D laser scanner for every purpose, from long ranges of up to 2km, to close range with high accuracy.